What the Happiest Retirees Know Paperback


What do successful retirees do right? The host of “Money Matters” reveals the surprising results of his national survey. Many people think they have to be multi millionaires or work until their seventies in order to retire comfortably. You Can Retire Sooner than You Think explains that this isn’t the case. Radio talk-show host and Certified Financial Planner Wes Moss conducted a research study of 1,350 retirees and culled the 5 simple financial habits–and the 18 traits–that are common to the happiest retirees. In this indispensable guide, Moss tells the happiest retirees’ stories and provides the secrets he has learned about how to retire sooner than you think–-and live happily ever after. He shows you how to develop multiple streams of income and have fun while living well. Interested in learning more about how you can implement these secrets into your life? Buy it now.

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What makes for a truly happy retirement? Is it money? A mortgage-free home? An active social life? A long-lasting marriage―or maybe a new one? Personal finance professional Wes Moss asked more than 2,000 of the nation’s retirees to find out―and the answers may surprise you. Whether you’re already retired or just starting to make plans, these transformational habits will help you work toward personal happiness and financial security.

Moss has distilled all this data into a clear road map for a healthy, secure, and joyful retirement – sooner.